Cingulate Technology


Cingulate is developing ADHD medications capable of achieving optimal once-daily dosing using a novel erosion based controlled release technology that provides unrivalled control of drug release at precise, pre-defined times with no release of drug prior to the intended release.


The technology is an erodible barrier layer that is wrapped around a drug containing core to give a tablet-in-tablet dose form. The barrier layer is designed to erode at a controlled rate until eventually the drug is released from the core tablet.


CTX-1301 and CTX-1302 have pioneering compression technology with the following release characteristics that should enable patients to take one pill during the active day and avoid the use of additional immediate release “boosters”

  • Immediate Release (IR) layer designed to achieve a therapeutic blood level within 30 minutes
  • 3-4 hour delay period with no release
  • 2nd dose provides a short duration Sustained Release of API
  • 3-4 hour delay period with no release
  • Core containing 3rd immediate release pulse dose of API